What Are The Advantages Of Laser Lipo?

Posted on: 27 April 2023

Diet and exercise are key components of maintaining a healthy weight, but these things alone aren't always enough to help people achieve their ideal bodies. Only cosmetic procedures like liposuction can eliminate fat in specific areas of the body. People looking to reduce fat in problem areas may wonder what advantages laser lipo offers over other forms of liposuction and fat reduction. Here are four advantages of the laser lipo procedure.

1. Laser lipo is non-invasive

Like traditional liposuction, laser lipo utilizes vacuum suction to mechanically remove fat cells from the body. However, laser lipo provides an advantage because it is considered non-invasive. Before the fat is removed from the body during the laser lipo procedure, it is first liquefied using laser energy. The entire procedure is performed through a small incision made in the skin. Since the incision is so small, it does not require stitches and typically does not scar. Additionally, it can be performed using only local anesthesia, which further reduces the risk of the procedure.

2. Laser lipo requires only minor downtime

Any surgical procedure requires some amount of downtime while the body rests and recovers. Many people shy away from procedures with long downtimes because it's difficult to take time away from their work and other responsibilities. Luckily, laser lipo is a procedure that requires only minimal downtime. For a few days after your laser lipo procedure, you may feel sore enough to want to take the day off work. However, most people bounce back quickly and are back to their normal activities after a couple of days have passed. Your cosmetic surgeon might advise you to avoid vigorous exercise for a few weeks after your laser lipo procedure; if so, you should make sure to listen to your doctor.

3. Laser lipo is safe

Laser lipo is considered a safe way to remove areas of stubborn fat. Laser lipo is performed by trained cosmetic surgeons, and the laser used to melt fat cells during the procedure is programmed to stay within a safe temperature range. This allows patients to avoid burns and damage to their skin and other soft tissue. Since the laser used during the procedure cauterizes cells to reduce bleeding, many patients experience only minimal bruising.

4. Laser lipo can help people who have already reached their ideal weight

Laser lipo is an effective tool that can help people sculpt their bodies. It can remove the last bits of stubborn fat from buttocks, thighs, bellies, arms, and faces. For best results, you should consider laser lipo when you are already at or near your goal weight. That's because the effects of laser lipo are more visible in people who have already achieved healthy BMIs. If you're unsure whether or not you're a good candidate for laser lipo, you can make an appointment to talk to a cosmetic surgeon. They can evaluate your body and lifestyle to let you know if laser lipo is a good choice for you.

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