A Series Of Deep Tissue Massages Might Help You Heal From An Injury

Posted on: 16 May 2023

If you have a sports injury, you might try getting a deep tissue massage to help your pain and assist healing. Massages are common treatments for athletes, and they're useful for nearly anyone who has had an injury of some sort. However, certain people should avoid getting deep tissue massages or at least get permission from a doctor first.

If you are pregnant or have a medical condition such as cancer or heart disease, you may want to talk to your doctor about whether massage is right for you. Plus, on your first visit to a massage therapist, they'll ask about your health conditions to make sure you're a good match for a deep-tissue massage.

Here's more information about deep tissue massage.

The Massage Works On Deeper Muscle Layers

This is a different type of massage from a general massage you get for relaxation and stress relief. The therapist builds up to using deep pressure that allows them to work on deep layers of muscle and fascia.

These muscles aren't usually touched with a general massage, so the technique should feel different. You might have some soreness, but your sessions shouldn't feel painful.

Deep Tissue Work Breaks Up Scars

Besides the same benefits of a general massage that includes increased circulation and relaxation, a deep tissue massage can break up scar tissue. The scar tissue can pinch and limit flexibility. By breaking up the scar, circulation improves too, and that can help with healing.

You should provide feedback to the massage therapist so they know how much pressure to apply. You can ask them to ease up if you feel pain and you can ask them to go deeper if you feel like it will help you.

You Might Feel Soreness After The Massage

It's possible you'll feel soreness for a day or so after the massage. It might help to drink water before and after the massage so you're well-hydrated. If the soreness makes you uncomfortable, let the massage therapist know at your next appointment so they can use a lighter touch. Deep tissue massage is tailored to each individual so you might need a lighter or heavier touch than someone else.

If you're taking deep tissue massage to help you heal from a sports injury, the therapist may recommend a series of treatments. You might have multiple treatments a week to start. The frequency of treatments can be tailored to your needs too, so you're happy with your treatments and get good results from them.